Logistics solutions

Itella provides comprehensive solutions for logistics management and development, designed to meet the needs of our customers. The most extensive solution available is outsourcing your organisation’s entire logistics process. However, outsourcing can also be applied to e-business, the reception and transmission of orders, materials management, warehousing or transport services.

Using information technology, we integrate the services into comprehensive packages and link them to the customer’s operations.

Transport services

Itella Logistics provides reliable transport services customised to meet your needs, both to domestic and international destinations.

Domestic transport services
International transport services

Freight forwarding

We transport your shipments to domestic and international destinations, including everything from parcelled goods to full containers, by air, land or sea, complete with comprehensive customs clearance services.

Domestic freight
International freight forwarding

Warehousing services

We provide import, transit, warehousing, transport and finishing services in our home market area.

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